Urban Governance Indicators and Quality of Life in Congo: Case study of Brazzaville

Nzoussi Hilaire Kevin, Li Jiang Feng


This article discusses urban governance and life quality indicators in the Republic of Congo and Brazzaville in particular. The governance of the city of Brazzaville greatly influences the life quality of the people to the extent that all the decisions of urban policy are taken by actors who in charge of the governance of the city of Brazzaville. The conditions of the population of the city proper are still far from being met. Yet the goal of urban gouverance is to find solutions to the problems that cities face. The crisis facing African cities is very concern because of adequate solutions that are slow to be concretized. The few indicators in this work show how the urban gouverance of the city of Brazzaville still poses enough problems. Therefore, the state and development partners, non-governmental organizations and all actors of urban governance should take necessary measures to improve the living conditions of the population of the city of Brazzaville.

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