An Entrepreneurial Tourism Project through Agro-Tourism Farm in Iran

G. Olya Hossein, Habib Alipour, Sara Dalir


This study aims to provide a mechanism that helps to achieve sustainable development through the implementation of Agro-tourism plans. Clustering theory employed to provide a technical guideline for execution of the project as a sustainable approach for improvement of welfare of marginal communities. A medium scale entrepreneurial project proposed – “Agro-tourism complex”. Results of this research produced useful implications for both public and private sector. Study revealed that such projects have potential for job creation, inverse migration, sustainability, and land conservation. The study is based on conceptual research method (Shuang et al, 2013). The study revealed that the welfare of marginalized indigenous communities, where the clusters of potentially available tourism products exist, could be improved dramatically if government policies and rural communities involve in shared vision.

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