Internal Marketing Elements’ Influence on Employee Performance: A Case of Harare Institute of Technology in Zimbabwe

Pinigas Mbengo, More Chinakidzwa


A considerable number of organisations in the service industry are realising the significance of internal marketing as they address and respond to the changing environment in order to obtain competitive advantage. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the internal marketing mix elements vital for employee performance at Harare Institute of Technology. Most government institutions have remained rigid due to their bureaucratic structures and this has caused them to adopt slowly new techniques like internal marketing that foster innovation and productivity. In order to make a break through to this problem, most European state based institutions have marketised their operations. 106 questionnaires were distributed to both academic and non-academic staff. The relationships of the variables in the proposed model and the properties of the scale were analysed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences. The findings of the study show that there existed strong relationships between training and innovation, empowerment and motivation. However, internal processes were not related at all to employee productivity. Based on the results, a considerable number of recommendations and suggestions were made.

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