Receiving Positive Word of Mouth & Spreading Positive Word of Mouth: The Role of Trust

Author(s): Nguyen Xuan Tho

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Published: 2020-07-24


This study aims to propose a dyadic viewpoint on positive word of mouth so as to explore what information that the greenhorns considered to select the mobile network for the first time in Taiwan. Given a standpoint on positive word-of-mouth dyad (positive WOM dyad), the role of trust is considered as a mediating variable of the relation between “positive word-of mouth influence” (WOM influence) and “positive word-of-mouth spread” (WOM spread). Two mediation models were established to examine the mediating effect of trust in this relationship and the structure equation modeling (SEM) was employed to test proposed hypotheses. The results show that trust plays a partially mediating role in the relation between WOM influence and WOM spread. The study’s findings not only have some significant contributions to the literature of marketing, but also open some practical issues for mobile carriers in Taiwan market. It suggests that the mobile carriers in Taiwan should find out their own ingenious business strategies to enhance consumers’ trust and foster a long-term relationship with their customers.


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