Physical and Psychological Conditions of Work: Implication of Industrial Peace and Harmony

Author(s): Babalola Oluwayemi Oginni, M. Florence Famolu

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Published: 2020-07-15

Abstract: The paper examined the physical and psychological conditions of work with focus on industrial peace and harmony of an organisation. The paper identified sources of stress to include individual, organisation and environmental factors such as changes in business cycle create economic uncertainty, work overload, a demanding and insensitive boss, and organizational policies, family issues, personal economic problems and interpersonal relationship. Among the various variables in the sources of stress, death of spouse, divorce and marital separation were found to be potent more than any of the other factors although differs with reference to personality types as individual with type B are less reactive to some of the causes of stress and management of stress is of two folds than individual with type A i.e. concern for individual and concern for the organisation in order to achieve industrial peace and harmony. It was concluded that the physical and psychological conditions of work in any organisation will determine the quantum of industrial peace and harmony and thus recommended that need to understand the emotional conditions of employees and show empathy in order to foster sense of identity and belongingness.

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