Assessment of Ecofriendly Methods of Eliminating Cockroaches

T. C. Mogbo, J. J. Okeke, M. C. Nwosu, I. I. Ijuh


There is need to research into other means of eliminating cockroaches that have no negative effect on health of humans and other animals, the study aims at the comparative assessment of the efficacy of three traps (jar trap, glue trap and sticky trap) as ecofriendly methods of eliminating cockroaches. The traps were set at 7:00 pm and inspected at 7:00 am daily for three weeks. The traps were baited with sugar and ripped plantain. The captured cockroaches were collected with forceps, killed with 10% chloroform before preserving with formalin. Jar traps had the highest catch success, followed by the glue traps while the sticky trap had the least catch success. The result was subjected to analysis of variance (ANOVA) at P<0.05. There was significant difference P<0.05 in the catch successes and  Test for “Means” also confirmed that jar traps and glue traps are statistically the same but are statistically different from the sticky trap.

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